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You can sleep when you are dead: how to move through the hangover in NYC

“God, I’m so tired” comes to mind. But there are many reasons to drag yourself through the day & dance till dawn every night! To get going, first up a coffee and food needs to be organised! Delis do a great BLT (bacon fried to snapping point) and they deliver, even if it amounts toContinue Reading

The Museum of International Folk Art: the Girard Collection

Best museum ever! I heard about the Girard Collection through Josh Yeldman’s sister at the opening of the Archibald, and quickly put it on the mental list of places to visit. 100,000 pieces accumulated & collected from around the globe. All folk, naïve, art that may have gone unrecognised or deposed of. This is everyday, ceremonial,Continue Reading

20 Hours in Santa Fe

A quick trip & yes, way to quick. I have an emotional attachment to the desert, it makes my heart sing but the reason is unknown to me, perhaps it is a left over sentiment from a past life. I had a meeting with an exciting new company and thought I would try to squeezeContinue Reading

Sleep No More

I heard word of this whilst meeting with the architects/ visionaires/ designers and thought it sounded like a trip. A good trip. This is an interactive, make it your own kind of theatre. It plays out at the McKittrick Hotel on 27th St which you check into for the evening (note: this is not aContinue Reading

Scotland, Here I Come!

I am working on my next book, the companion to Nomad and for research, I’m heading to Scotland. I have anticipated this trip for many years and have decided to take my favourite roadtrip companion, my Dad! Yes, happy birthday Dad. I plan on visiting the shores of Firth of Forth to scour the shores & followContinue Reading

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