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Sleep No More

I heard word of this whilst meeting with the architects/ visionaires/ designers and thought it sounded like a trip. A good trip. This is an interactive, make it your own kind of theatre. It plays out at the McKittrick Hotel on 27th St which you check into for the evening (note: this is not aContinue Reading

Scotland, Here I Come!

I am working on my next book, the companion to Nomad and for research, I’m heading to Scotland. I have anticipated this trip for many years and have decided to take my favourite roadtrip companion, my Dad! Yes, happy birthday Dad. I plan on visiting the shores of Firth of Forth to scour the shores & followContinue Reading


When I was growing up, I had a fascination with secrets. Although I am not the greatest keeper of secrets, I did like the places I could hide them. Loose floorboards, secret hidey holes in bookcases, my father’s safe under the shag pile rug in his office. I had to make-do with carefully cutting eachContinue Reading

Barnes Foundation

After a day of meetings at Anthropologie HQ in Philadelphia I had arranged to stay with my great friend & often travel companion (see Nomad Japan, India and in upcoming book, Gypsy) head home designer Mitzie. To fill the last of the day, I headed to the newly opened Barnes Foundation. A modern building, designedContinue Reading

Highlights from the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar/Kapalicarsi has 22 entrances, 64 streets, 17 inns, 10 wells, 4 fountains, 2 mosques, 3500 businesses/shops and about 25k people working it. It can feel like a rabbit warren but you are never really lost here because there are maps taped up at most intersections, or you can ask any of the shopownersContinue Reading

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