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New Zealand

I flew to Queenstown to have a concentrated meeting with my architect & visionaire, Kelvin Ho & Justin Hemmes. Unfortunately for the meeting, we got a little distracted by very fast boats, racing cars, local food & wine and the most amazing backdrop ever!! Here are some of my pics. I am coming back in October &Continue Reading

Matisse & His Collections

Amongst the many Matisse paintings in the Barnes collection, I noticed quite a few that seemed familiar from the exhibition of Matisse & his textiles, a Met production from quite a few years ago that I saw with my mum. It was one of those life altering exhibitions, that made me look at the worldContinue Reading

Caravans, Fortune-tellers & Knitting

I dreamt up the shop’s Christmas theme a couple of weeks ago, it seemed so right, that we have decided to run with it in a big way. Although I am not yet ready to reveal all, I will tell you I am on the look out for an old school, 1950s small scale caravanContinue Reading

Japan Case Study #4


The Society inc. team & I were long overdue for a school excursion! I’ve been totally MIA on the install for Mr Wong and we all needed to get out of the office/construction site. Just our luck, we caught the ferry to Cockatoo Island in our big coats on a perfectly crisp & blue wintersContinue Reading

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