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USA Book Tour Dates

I’m in the States launching Bowerbird, my new book. Can’t wait to see you there!!


This Sat! Bowerbird Launch Sydney

+ The Society inc. soap
+ Hardware Range
+ New Chalkboard Palette

Come and celebrate the launch of my next book,Bowerbird at the The Society inc.!

As usual it will be an extravaganza with lots of fun & champagne to be had.
To add to the excitement we will be launching my hardware and soap range as well as a new chalkboard paint palette.
One big party for them all, don’t miss out and don’t hesitate to have a few glasses –
it’s a Saturday afternoon and summer is around the corner.
Where: The Society inc. 18 Stewart Street Paddington NSW 2021
When: Saturday 6th October 2012 3-6pm

USA Bowerbird Book Tour

I’m heading to the States on a book tour after I launch Bowerbird in Sydney!
Come & see me in LA & NY.


75 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Saturday 13 October 11-1pm


1402 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Friday 19 October 12.30-2.30pm


2009 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, California 90039

Saturday 20 October 5-8pm


Workshop next week!

Next week I will be holding 2x workshops at the Floriade NightFest in Canberra!! Wed 26 & Thurs 27 from 8-9PM. Grab tickets here!

With the weather gets warmer and you start opening all your windows & spending more time outside, I thought I would discuss Styling with Nature and Found Objects.

This will be a ‘show-and-tell’ where I demonstrate styling tricks & tips with nature and found objects. I will show you that the most simple things, found and natural, can come together as a beautiful focal piece or arrangement. Our gorgeous Summer is on its way, embrace the weather by styling your home, your tablesettings and home interiors with what nature and the garden have to offer. Think about the pieces that you have at home and don’t know what to do with, your treasured collections that are boxed away and be inspired to bring them out to show off, creating a home that reflects you and brings the outside in. Imagine choosing tendrils, leafy greens, flowers, branches and anything else that might take your fancy on a visit to markets or stroll around the neighbourhood.

I find my treasures in all sorts of haunts & on jaunts and I encourage guests to bring their own! I will explain how to display and utilise your finds, and how I make decisions whilst styling a mantel, place setting or table centrepiece for example. It is the process of editing and subtracting, arranging and rearranging. Showing guests how to translate what they have and find into decorating and styling ideas will give them ideas that can be used throughout their homes. Questions, discussions & problem pieces/areas are encouraged!

These are pics from my new book, Bowerbird: creating beautiful interiors with the things you collect. Launching October!


Beso Beach Club

A new player to the game, I think this was one of my favourite places. It reminded me of the kind of place I might design. Although the restaurant is not quite visible from the beach (and a bit of a rocky landing, so holler & catch the attention of the tenders to come to you – these are the little boats that retrieve you from your big boats). It’s a short walk up a wooden path but cannot be missed by the giant ‘B’ that sits proudly astride. It may be my mindset of designing an island resort at present but the sand under foot, open air, fanned interior with natural woven blinds, trestle tables & a bar that shutters, won me over.

This place is fun, and fuelled by share strawberry mojitos served with giant long straws and great food. We left after lunch around 8pm and not before dancing on tables!!

Note: Camo (as in army camoflague nets – you know the ones you toss over your tank or stealth bomber to disguise it!) is all the rage in in Ibiza. I featured snow camo in Etcetera, but just wait & see where desert camo turns up in my next interior.


Who would have thought

I don’t know if the week on a boat might have added enthusiasm for this store, and although I had read some great reviews, the curation, size & edit of this store impressed me on so many levels.

It is on the road to St Miguel (about 30 mins from Ibiza Port) in the middle of the island, surrounded by red earth fields & not much else. It is not in a town & is set back from the road, although it is hard to miss with the earth paddocks of life size cow sculptures grazing & milling at its turn off. Oh, how I love a sense of humour in retail.

It is made up of 5-6 big rooms, both indoors & outdoors that are cleverly fit out with structures within structures. They cover all the bases from home to fashion: soft furnishings, bath, furniture, books, art, outdoor, tabletop and a leafy courtyard café/bar to lounge around in for a pick-me-up or bored partners/children.

The installations within the store are fun to discover as you peruse the space. The furniture ranges from reclaimed fishing boat wooden tables to industrial metal chairs, lighthouse lighting, leather & tarp floor cushions, giant hot pink buddhas and Moroccan daybeds & stools, all set amongst camo, giant fans, crate stages & a built-out hut.

Sluiz has a very distinct personality that is somewhat of a well-informed global nomad with some hippy chic tossed in. It is targeted at the villa dwelling gypsets with props galore for your dwellings: teepee, pool house, super yacht, villa etc.

I bought African Shibori cloth, a lantern made from an old gasoline bottle, handcarved wooden spoons, pressed aluminium spoons, hammam bowl, horn tumblers and a panama (to replace the one that went overboard whilst flying in the tender).