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Barn Light Australia

One of my all-time favourite things is lighting.
I am more of a lamp & ambient lighting kinda-person,
everyone looks better not under a downlight.
My go-to for all my hospitality spaces is Barn Light Australia .
When we moved into our new warehouse, Barn Light Australia & I designed my own custom fitting, the blue right armed one with hand spun shades and Streamline custom coloured the caged lighting they fit in with my ongoing ‘I was born on a Pirate ship’ story at The Society inc.
As a embracer of LED, this are the best ones yet – edison in LED!!

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The Society inc. by Sibella Court - IMG_2050 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - IMG_2053 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - SOCIETY_SHOP_0026 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - SOCIETY_SHOP_0065 The Society inc. by Sibella Court - SOCIETY_SHOP_0072

The Society inc. Terrace

An imaginarium corner terrace in the heart of leafy Paddington close to Bondi&surrounding beaches, eastern distributor, SCG, city, airport.

A quiet oasis offering the curious pilgrim a treasure trove of curiosities, curated with art, Australia artisan products & furniture and a vast reference library. It consists of a spacious light & leafy master bedroom, dining room for 10, kitchen, courtyard, single/dressing room, annexe & bathroom and the use of a grey Tokyo bike – all lovingly restored & renovated by Sibella Court.

The Society inc terrace is available now for guests, parties, photo shoots & events
Please contact

& visit to book your stay.

the society inc lounge
chaise the society inc terrace desk the society inc terrace dining #2 the society inc do what you like the society inc terrace domes the society inc terrace frames the society inc terrace shelving the society inc terrace upstairs the society inc terrace the society inc pot belly terrace the society inc single bedroom the society inc terrace #1 the society inc terrace #3 the society inc terrace bed upstairs the society inc single bedroom

The Society inc. featured on The Design Files

This morning the lovely team at The Design Files featured our new space.

Sibella_Store_2_wide-1240x800 Sibella_Store_1_wide-1240x800 Sibella_shop_portrait-600x800 Sibella_Shop_11-600x800 Sibella_Shop_10-600x800 Sibella_Shop_9-600x800 Sibella_Shop_8-600x800 Sibella_Shop_7-600x800 Sibella_Shop_6-900x1200 Sibella_Shop_5-600x800 Sibella_Shop_3-600x800 Sibella_Shop_2-600x800

Photographs by Rachel Kara and words by Amber Creswell Bell

You really can be assured that pretty much anything Sydney stylist and author Sibella Court turns her hand to will be GOLD.

Sibella’s distinctive aesthetic and meticulous eye for detail are on our radar again this month, with the launch her latest venture, The Society Inc. Warehouse – a new retail concept in St Peters, Sydney. This new space is triple the size of her previous store in Paddington, and, inevitably, it’s beautiful. (We commissioned these shots before we even saw the place, because, well, with Sibella, you just know). Our Sydney contributor Amber Creswell Bell gives us the lowdown.

Sibella Court’s at The Society Inc Warehouse. Photo – Rachel Kara for The Design Files.

It’s probable that Sibella Court needs no introduction – she is, after all, an interior stylist of international standing, an author, TV presenter, globetrotter, retailer and lifestyle raconteur. Sydney-based Sibella is a prolific and versatile creative, with a very distinct aesthetic. To describe her work, you need only look as far as her book titles – Nomad, Bowerbird, and Gypsy.

The end of 2014 marked the relocation of Sibella’s beloved homewares store, The Society Inc., from inner Paddington to a new destination address in St Peters, in Sydney’s Inner West. Upsizing from 80m2 to a whopping 300m2 warehouse, the new site has provided an exciting opportunity for Sibella to expand both the retail and design arms of her business. ‘The new housing allows for larger interior possibilities and installations more in tune with my books, and the hospitality interiors that dominate my work’ Sibella explains. ‘I wanted the space to feel as though you’re walking through the pages of one of my books’.

This large, conceptual retail space provides a backdrop for the treasures Sibella sources on her many travels, and celebrates crafters, makers, manufacturers, designers alongside Sibella’s raft of regular collaborators. Where the Paddington store was small and intimate, the new space is now open to interpretation – it will be used for events, workshops, and photo shoots.

Visitors to the reimagined The Society Inc. can expect an evolving display of wares via two container drops per year, sourced from the countries that Sibella has recently explored. Amongst her current favourites in store, Sibella names her ‘Earthbender Anna-Karina’ ceramics, hand-carved forest-foraged faceted gems in wood, coal, stone by Felix Allen, dyed mosquito nets in collaboration with Shibori, and, of course, her very own range of The Society Inc. range of handcrafted and tinkered hardware.

AND if you’re wondering what happened to The Society Inc’s previous lovely old corner terrace in Paddington, fear not! Still part of the ‘house of Sibella’, the old site has now become a pied-a-terre, available for rent through airbnb, as well as for intimate parties, launches and events, set against Sibella’s ever-changing backdrop of treasures.

As usual, 2015 holds much in store for Sibella Court – including the completion of five hospitality venues, collaborative design projects in New York and a new TV show, ‘Restoration Australia’, to air on ABC!

The Society Inc. Warehouse
Warehouse 3.02
75 Mary Street
St Peters, NSW

Open Monday to Saturday, 10.00am – 4.00pm.


The Society inc fleamarket & GRAND OPENING Saturday 6th December 2014 10am-3pm

The Society inc. opens its new barn doors this weekend, Saturday Dec 6th from 10am to celebrate we are holding our annual Christmas fleamarket which is bigger than ever . Join us rain, hail or shine (we have an undercover option) at

Precinct 75

warehouse 3.02

75 Mary St St. Peters
The Society inc by Sibella Court - Warehouse IMG_7736
The Society inc by Sibella Court - Warehouse IMG_7735
The Society inc by Sibella Court - Warehouse IMG_7730





Our great friend Paul who we wished lived in Sydney has taken over a new warehouse place & it is open for hire & full of all his beautiful gardening hardware.

For more details check out the Glasshaus website











Poets Ode

The Stylists Guide to Adelaide

Poets Ode is in the foothills of adelaide, in postcard perfect, Hanhdorf.

I had the luck to squeeze in a visit (about 45 mins from airport) during a work trip.

The gorgeous owners, Alia & Scout have stripped back on old shop & embraced its raw humble self.  With a series of higgle piggle rooms, all sunfilled coming through the blown glass windows. Take note of the display pieces, found locally but oh-so European.

The shop is layers of muted tones: whites ,creams, caramels and sells cool stuff from all over the world.

 as well as having art showings. The artworks were round & detailed in copper, the velvet pillows were just the right mushy, the throws were striped or plain & edged in pom poms and a tea room is opening soon!

I loved everything and went away with an olive oil pourer, a cotton baby hat, a silk wool baby hat, a amulet necklace and a needle made from a thorn

Follow them on instagram @poetsode

100b main St Hahndorf, South Australia

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court

poets ode - the society by sibella court