Glamping at Cockatoo Island

The idea of camping in Sydney Harbour in summertime has a magic & romance. I thought I would make the most of the opportunity to do just that whilst photographing for my latest book, Gypsy on Cockatoo Island.

On a Thursday night, instead of catching the ferry back to the mainland we headed to the cluster of tents located on the Western side of the island. I was there for a week with my core crew and we took over 4 tents to make our home for the night.

Everything you need for some serious glamping is on Cockatoo Island: cooking, bathing, tennis court and bar (haha). If camping isn’t your style there are a few houses & even residences to choose from. Ah, to waking up at dawn & walking around freely as the sun rises over the Harbour Bridge. This is something everyone should do – it is magnificent.

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  1. violet-maie scott

    May 7, 2013

    hi Sibella, thanks for the tip re cockatoo island. my sister used to work there in the 60′s.We grew up in Collaroy, and it will be a real treat to camp out on the harbour, as I am now living near Mount Warning, regards Violet-maie

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