Stylist’s Guide to the Globe – New Orleans

I am working on my next stops for the Stylists guide to the globe – heading to New Orleans. I have anticipated this trip for many years, and my dates happen to fall in the week of the Jazz festival.

If you have any suggestions of shops, museums, inns, hotels, restaurants, boats, art, magic, ghosts and other fun, please send your info our way.
Stylist's Guide to the Globe - New Orleans - The Society inc. by Sibella Court


  1. Sharon

    March 26, 2014

    You’ll love NOLA…I’ll be there for second week of JazzFest…it’s gotten really big and crowded, but still fabulous. Music, food, good vibes…of the old-style restaurants I like Galatoire’s the best. I love La Petite Grocery (lapetitegrocery.com) out on Magazine — pricey but worth it. On the funky side, a friend just recommended L’il Dizzy’s Cafe in the Treme (over 75 years old) for their lunch buffet and fried chicken andIgnatius Eatery for creole…don’t miss Hove on Chartres St. for natural fragrances and soaps. Have a ball, chere!

  2. Emily

    March 27, 2014

    You are going to adore New Orleans – it is such a treasure and has part of my heart even though I’m now in Austin. Here is a good list to start with http://www.designsponge.com/2013/04/new-orleans-design-guide.html.
    Also, Magazine street is special – Baru has wonderful carribean cuisine – sucre has delightful sweets and it’s a nice street to stroll along and window shop. Too many quaint bed and breakfast inns to choose from – but st. charles is a good locale I’d say. Frenchmen street is the go to spot for jazz music and inviting lounges. Enjoy it all Sibella- the sights, the sounds – and the unusual smells!

  3. Mari

    March 27, 2014

    I spent some time in NOLA last June and again in November, and dinner at Coquette was a highlight both times. http://coquettenola.com

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

  4. Laura Plachta

    March 31, 2014

    Visited N.O. last year and have a few things to share…
    Based trip out of Uptown neighborhood which has much to recommend it. Tulane University, Audubon Park with levee along the river nearby. Surrey Cafe and Juice Bar on Magazine, perfect breakfast. Free Wheelin Bike Tours city tour is best way to see city in a few hours, hosted by a local (history explained as you go along). Cowbell Restaurant not far from Uptown I must recommend, great food and atmosphere. St Charles streetcar to and from Uptown/Garden district and French Qtr. Roosevelt Hotel is amazing, stop in for drinks anyway. Out of town excursion would recommend Laura Plantation, a French Creole family lived there and had matrilinear inheritance. Great tour and info. Enjoy the trip.

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