The Lobby

As a constant globetrotter, something that has really excited me over the last couple of years is the change of function, perception of & understanding of the Lobby. No longer is it a place of whispers & old newspapers, attached to sad hotel bar with resident barfly’s & sleazy one-liners.

The Lobby is now pumping, full of life, multi-purpose & downright genius! Let me use The Ace in NYC as an example.

Not only is restaurant, The Breslin attached (always busy & designed by the very clever team: Roman & Williams) but it has a corner bar, long tables ready for computers (and drinks later on), free wi-fi, a flowershop & the all important coffee bar, Stumptown. The design is fantastic, there are lots of different seating options where you can eat, drink, hang, meet & greet. The Lobby invites everyone- guests do get some privileges like the free wi-fi but otherwise its a vibe-y, free for all that can be super busy on weekends (note to self).

I am going to use this idea in the renovation of the Establishment lobby & Tank Stream Bar: I’ll keep you posted!


Myles Baldwin at Glenmore House – THIS FRIDAY!


Next workshop- biggest one yet!

Emotive Interiors Workshop

This workshop will be huge!! For the first time ever, we will be hiring out a studio and building an entire set. I constantly get asked how to create a space that reflects the owner’s personality and lifestyle. Super hands-on, in this workshop I’m going to create a set or a replica of an interior right in front of your eyes. I’ll show you the tricks of the trade, how to choose layer & get a sense of self.

Although it will be a set-build on the night, it will be easily translated into your home and you will pick up tips and discover the stylist within. I plan on covering wall treatment, flooring suggestions, lighting, furniture placement and various other secrets!! This is the workshop of the year- not to be missed! BYO of course.

Buy tickets here!!


Bathing Pavilion

I am researching for a new bar I am designing.
A fascination with old locker rooms (not in a creepy way) & bathing pavilions led me to Neilsen Park.
I love how you can access this from the beach via a tunnel- so very 1920′s.
I am hoping that it is just closed for the winter, but it looked a little tattered & unloved, & considering I had to quietly step over some obstructions to enter (not really breaking in, more just nosily poking around) I’m not too sure…
I love the generous proportions & thoughtful changing cubicles all wooden & roofed- I  intend to reference this idea & intimacy in my bar.
I am off on excursions  to North Sydney Pool, Wylies Baths & Rose Bay Surf Lifesaving Club at Bondi to check out their changing facilities!! Quite a few years back, I was on a photo shoot that flew me into Asheville, North Carolina. I visited Biltmore House, built by the Vanderbilts of American railway fortune.
It was built in 1889-95 and has the most impressive tiled gym & indoor pool you have ever seen.


Skills that sailors had other than Sailing (see Etcetera Etc pp. 86 and a half):

Sewing, Tattooing, Birdwatching, Whittling, Scrimshawing, Training Pets: Monkeys, Parrots, Crickets, Dogs; Bone Carving: Buttons, Needles, Combs, Gambling Chips; Musical Instruments, Knot Tying, Making Games: Quoits, Balls; Dancing Jigs & Singing Seashanties, Reading (most ships had a library), Basketweaving, and Palm & Leather Braiding, Collecting Specimens, Botanical Drawing/Painting, Shooting and Skinning Animals, Cooking, Herbal Remedies, Rope & Net Making.
My friend, James Merrell gave me a very old special piece of scrimshaw that is on my desk for me to look at whenever I please. If you are not up with the art of scrimshawing, it was traditionally done by sailors and is a kind of miniature naive carving done on bones, mostly whalebones, most often depicting sea adventures, expeditions & creatures.