Last chance – Styling w/ sticks stones & bones workshop

to styling with sticks stones & bones
10am – 12 noon 3/5/11
@ the society inc.
18 Stewart Street Paddington
Buy your ticket online- in tookit & tacklebox section
Or email hannah@thesocietyinc.com.au to reserve a spot

Look forward to seeing you there


Impromptu ‘the stylists guide to nyc’ book signing

‘THE STYLISTS GUIDE TO NYC’ impromptu book signing

Tomorrow Sibella is instore from 10am-5pm to sign the just-in ‘the stylists guide to nyc’ make the most of the opportunity and get your book signed and for one day only if you buy ‘etcetera’ & ‘the stylists guide to nyc’ you get both for the bargain price of $85

New winter trading hours as of next week
11am – 5pm
Wednesday – Saturday


Easter Trading

The Society inc. will be CLOSED for Easter & Anzac day from Friday 22nd – Tuesday 26th April. We will be out hunting for eggs but our online store is open 24/7.



I am coining a new phrase- well, re-working it to suit me and my style. I have been looking for this word and think lo-fi is the right fit for me!

The word lo-fi originates in the sound & music industry, however in my world it means low expense, with ease and casual abandon to achieve a relaxed, liveable space that reflects your personality & lifestyle.


La natura morta

One of my top five favourite things in life, is still-life.

My whole life is a still-life. A visual feast of considered chaos. It might be moving and changing constantly but I see it all in still-life.

That love extends to paintings. And now I have my Canon 5d with a brand news lens and my bribery flowers from Sheree, I have been so embracing taking my own pictures recently!! The love of still-life paintings though, is old. I stumbled upon a Caravaggio exhibition in Florence and fell for his food still-lives. Full of game, fruit de mare, and fruit & vegetables (I’m not so much into his flowers- I like my own better). His La natura morta are rich & moody paintings unlike the muted palette that painter Morandi chooses. Morandi’s eye is like that of a photographer, but his technique in capturing different angles are much more time-consuming! Most photographers and stylists stumble across and fall in love with Morandi at some point.

My brother/photographer Chris and I went to a big exhibition at the MET years ago. It was his first introduction.


Next workshop: Bowerbird displays!

Many people ask me about how to display objects and pictures on their walls.

I love to mix up things on my walls and ceilings from framed pictures, mirrors, ephemera or even branches- truly with anything my heart desires. These are the tools I use to create the curious, warmth or interest within a space.

These vignettes that I create are not just decorative art, but are a device to break up an expanse of wall or personalise a space. A wall and ceiling have different aspects depending on where you enter and where you sit or stand, and all of these should be considered.

I adore 3D objects- things that come out of the walls or fly from the ceiling will create your own personal adventure through your space, interacting with your belongings. Embrace the asymmetrical and slightly random- it is the random that makes sense.

Bring your problems! (not those problems). Find at least two things that you love, don’t restrict yourself to just pictures, to bring for play and discussion, and a photograph of the space you might be having problems with.

This workshop may be on location but within five minutes of the shop. As usual BYO- grog. Can’t wait to see you there!

Buy tickets on the online store for Bowerbird Displays on May 18th.