Next workshop: Domarama!

This workshop is for everyone of course, but would be especially perfect for all you collectors out there. So many beautiful things and no way to show them off! I’ll be talking about & demonstrating my fascination with diaramas & domes, and showing how they can be used to display your treasures & objet trouve. The simple art of creating mini worlds under glass and displaying your odds & ends in 3D forms can be the most simple and perfect way to turn your tucked away collections into beautiful still-lifes.

As usual, the workshop is ‘in conversations with’ so bring some of your treasures (especially ones that are often hidden from view- I’m always up for a challenge!) and a bottle of wine if you please. And of course, an open mind is a prerequisite.

Can’t wait to see you there- 20th July! Buy tickets here & as usual, BYO.


Funnest on-location workshop!

I love The Society inc. workshops because I always get to meet the best people! After chatting with some super cool, wine drinking students who hung up the back of the Colourbox workshop, we decided to hold our next workshop on-location at Jodie’s house. She had a huge wall to break up and what better place to example Bowerbird Display techniques that in somebody’s problem space. It was packed! Wine and champagne were flowing and we went way overtime. Huge thankyou to Jodie!!!


Travel Companions

My travelling companions are not restricted to the people I go on my adventures with (I often travel alone!) but include how I pack & what goes in! My Filson’s leather strapped canvas bags and classic Billingham’s black & leather trimmed camera bag have accompanied me on explorations to many an undiscovered nook & cranny. These are my staples. But for every country I visit, I select an appropriate outfit- but always in my Campaign colour palette of caramels, creams and whites. In this photo it was a huge, lightweight cashmere shawl for respecting the culture and Panama hat (actually that goes everywhere) to protect me from the Syrian sun.


My Golden Geese

These are my boots. They have renovated The Society inc., worked on endless shoots, designed & installed many bars & restuarants (MsG’s, York 75, El Loco, Beresford, 30 Knots) and circumnavigated the globe- as well as featuring in magazines, newspapers & blogs around the world in my portraits! (Often taken in the doorway of The Society inc.). And they star in my third book, Nomad, launching in November. I bought them for my birthday in Chicago quite a few years ago, but feel it is time to own another pair. Not to be discarded, but to give them a well-earned rest.

When I was horseriding in the Honeycomb Badlands, the horse whisperer who was leading our band of riders presented me with his old boots. His wife informed me that this was a very special ritual and I was very touched & honoured. Since then they have appeared as very cool props in many a shoot (you may have seen them!). This is how strongly I feel about my trusty Golden Goose.



After my booksigning in NYC, a group of friends & my older bro, Damo, headed to Freemans. I would usually suggest getting there on the earlier side but we thought we would wing it at 8.30 on a Thursday night. We were lucky and our table of 8 were promptly seated in the new upstairs space. I love this place. The stairs leading up are wide, with turned wood balustrades, as though it’s been there forever (when I know that this place has been totally built out & architectural salvage used liberally). This restaurant really is the ultimate smoke & mirrors set-build. The floors are uneven & it is very dimly lit with candles (no good for people who are challenged by poor eyesight or in a wheelchair!). One wall is a bookcase that goes over the top of the doorway (I love that) with some armchairs & larger tables out back. It’s soooo great- go!!!!


Amulets & Talisman

My friend, artist Joshua Yeldman and I have the best conversations. The latest being about amulets & talisman. This stemmed from a gift I sent him of a much-awaited owl pellet. There is a shop in San Francisco (one of my very fav), called Paxton Gate on Valencia St. They have recently-ish opened a children’s branch & sell all things slightly scientific & curious, reminiscent of growing up in the 70’s spending afternoons viewing The Curiosity Show. I sent him a little box with no return address containing the foil wrapped pellet & a piece of paper with ‘hoot hoot’ written on it.

He knew it was me.

There’s something magical & raw about things that are talismatic. I wear special amulets that I had purpose-made that would protect me & my Mum. I now wear both. They contain things I deem important eg. feather for flight, charcoal for purity, a piece of string so I am never left stranded etc. You choose what you like (I’m going to have an amulet-making workshop!).

Anyway, above are pictures I took in the oldest market in the world, the Spice Souq in Damascus. These stores just deal in cures & curbs- protections & curses for all your needs. Check out the cool stuff: starfish, pelts, cloves, nuts, tortoise shells, puffer fish, wolves teeth & other magical, mystical things.